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RV Camping at Mt. Greylock Campsite Park

RV (Recreational Vehicle) Overnight Guest Reservations:
Definition: van and truck campers, pop-ups, small trailers and motorhomes (up to 24'), large trailers and motorhomes (up to 40' including dolly/tow trailer)

A Word About Selecting Campsites:
When it comes to campsite selection at our campground, we are much like a hotel. You pick the type of campsite you need, based on the size of RV, and we guarantee that you will be given the type/size you asked for. You will learn your campsite number when you check in with us.

Campsite Amenities:
All of our RV campsites have water, electric (20/30/50 amp) and grey water disposal, fire pit and picnic table. We have a black water disposal station and honey wagon services for longer stays.

Do you want a particular kind of campsite?
When you book online, there is a preference box that you can use to give us more information about the campsite you would like, for to our friends (give us their first and last name), in the shade, near the bathroom, quiet, etc. We will do our best to place you with those additional requests in mind. Once you have stayed with us and have had the opportunity to see our campsites, you can request a specific campsite. If it will fit your camper and if it is available for the time you want to camp with us, we will assign that campsite to you.

Types of RV Campsites:
Standard Back-In (Campers up to 24')
Standard Pull-Through (Campers up to 24')
Large Back-In (Campers up to 40')
Large Pull-Through (Campers up to 40')

Campsite Fees:
The fees listed below include 2 adults and 3 children. Additional adults are $12 per night, additional children (5-18 years old) are $6 a night. Children ages 4 and younger are free but count toward the 8 people allowed to camp on our RV campsites. Weekly fees are discounted and include one complimentary visit by our Honey Wagon during your stay. Monthly reservations are welcome and can be made, if available, by calling our office at 413-447-9419.

Standard Back-In - $45 a night, $270 week
Standard Pull-Through - $50 a night, $300 a week
Large Back-In - $55 a night, $330 a week
Large Pull-Through - $60 a night, $360 a week

Please Note: Rates do adjust based on occupancy.

Making a reservation online is easy...
1. Know the length (including the tongue) of the RV that you will be camping in during your stay with us. Note: The size of your camper determines the type of campsite you will need at our park.
2. Determine the dates you would like to camp with us.
3. Know the number of adults, children (0-18 years of age) and pets that will be camping with you. Note: There is a maximum of 8 registered guests per campsite.
4. Get ready to pay a 25% deposit to make your reservation. Balances will be requested by email on April 1. Full payment is required in order to obtain a confirmed reservation.

Group Camping:
If you are a part of a group of two families or friends and you want campsites near each other, you can make an online reservation. Make your individual reservations and indicate the first and last name of your friends/family in the Preference Box on the reservation form and we will link your reservations together. If there are three or more families or friends that want to camp together, please call our office at 413-447-9419 as we have a new easier reservation process for larger groups.

Be sure to read our campground policies before your stay with us.

Image may be subject to copyright
Image may be subject to copyright
Image may be subject to copyright