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Questions about Making Reservations:
How do I make a reservation on your campground?
Visit our website and click BOOK NOW.
Select your dates. Tell us the total number of adults, children under age 18 and pets that will be on the campsite.

If you are camping in an RV:
Select motorhome, pop-up, trailer, fifth wheel or van camper and indicate the length of your RV. Click Search. All RV campsites have water, electric and grey water disposal. Based on your selection, you may have some choices of sizes of campsites (back-in or pull through). Additional details are available on the RV Camping page linked from our Home Page. Click BOOK to indicate your choice.

If you are camping in a tent (Maximum Stay 7 nights):
We offer two different tent camping opportunities. 1). Primitive tent campsites do not have water/electric/parking on them, but they are nearby. 2). Deluxe tent campsites do have these amenities. If you are tent camping, select the option that best suits the camping experience you want. Additional details are available on the Tent Camping page linked from our Home Page. Click BOOK to indicate your choice.

After you click BOOK, you will see the details of your reservation in the right-hand column.
If all the information is correct, click CHECK OUT. Review our policies and check AGREE if you agree to abide by them. Pay close attention to the pet, firewood and cancellation policies.

Next, put in your credit card number. You will receive a confirmation in your email that outlines the details of your stay with us.

If you need to talk with us about your reservation or want to make a reservation by telephone, email us at or call us at 413-447-9419 and we will be happy to help you.

I am considering an extended stay of 2 weeks or more at your campground. How do I make an extended stay reservation?
RV guests wishing to stay longer than 14 days should call our office to discuss availability.
Due to the limited number of tent campsites, tent campsites are limited to a maximum of seven consecutive nights with a seven-night break before the next reservation.

Can I select my campsite?
No. Our campground is unique in that no two of our campsites are identical. They all average 2,100 square feet, are wide, wooded and most are divided by natural vegetation and trees. Our experience is that most campers, who have never camped here before, find it difficult to imagine their RV or tent on a particular campsite, especially when they have to solely rely on our campground map, which is just an artist rendition of our property to make their decision. Instead, trust your campground owners as we know every square inch of this land. We have sized our campsites into categories so all you do is select the size of campsite you need/want, based on the size of your RV (standard back-in, standard pull-through, large back-in, large pull through) and then tell us in the Special Request box on the booking engine more about the campsite that would make you the happiest. All of our campsites are as quiet and private as we can make them, given the fact that we are a recreational facility that will host as many as 400 guests on a busy weekend in the summer. Tell us "near the bathhouses", "near the pool and playground", "shady", "sunny" etc. and we will guarantee that you will get the size campsite you ordered with as many of your special requests as we are able to provide you.

Returning guests can request particular campsites in the Special Request box and we will do everything possible to honor those requests. Unfortunately, we may not be able to do it because the campsite is already booked, a part of a group reservation or is blocked for maintenance or repair. Again, trust your campground owners...we want you to be happy and to return often to camp with us.

We are thinking about making a reservation at your campground. Can I come and drive my car through your campground to see your campsites and facilities?
No. Even before COVID, we did not allow visitors to tour the campground unescorted in their cars. We are ever mindful of the responsibilities we have for maintaining a secure and safe environment for our guests. We do not want, and we are sure, if you decide to camp with us that you would not want to have a steady stream of visitors driving around the campground to look at campsites that you and others occupy. We do tours by appointment on Saturday and Sunday beginning in May. See below: Will you be doing tours of the campground this Spring? for details.

Will you be doing tours of the campground this Spring?
All tours must be scheduled in advance. We will conduct tours of the campground on weekends beginning in May. We will be following COVID protocols so all tours must be pre-scheduled by calling our Welcome Center at 413-447-9419. Tour guests will be welcomed at the gate and asked to park in our Visitor's Parking Area. After a brief introduction to the campground at our Outdoor Check-In Station, tour visitors will be given a map of the campground to use as a guide for their tour. Everyone will be encouraged to take a tour in a golf cart. If that is not possible, they will be given a Visitor Pass for their car. Driving tour visitors must go 5mph on the campground. At the conclusion of the tour, we will be available to respond to questions and make reservations, if desired. If you got a Visitor's Pass for your car, please be sure to return it at the Welcome Center before leaving the campground.

Questions about Discounts:

What discounts do you offer?
If you stay with us for six nights, you get the 7th night free. RV campers will get a free visit from our honey wagon during your stay.

We offer a Spring and Fall Weekend Special. Book two or more consecutive weekends and leave your RV on your campsite during the weekday(s) in between for free. You check – in and check – out at the usual times and you cannot stay in the RV or visit the campsite during the week but once you have checked-in for your first weekend, you will get to your campsite faster because you will be eligible for Express Check-In.

Questions about Group Camping:

I have three or more families that want to camp together. How do I make a reservation, so we are placed near each other?
Please call our office to make that reservation. If we have contiguous campsites that accommodate what you are camping in, on the dates you wish to come, we will temporarily (72 hours) reserve them for you. We will provide you with a link that you can share with the other families camping with you so that they can reserve their campsite online. Our system then recognizes you as a group and will keep you in the campsites we have assigned to you. Each individual family will check-in on their arrival date.

I am a Scout Troop Leader (or other organized youth/adult group or large family groups). I see you have a large group tent campsite. How do I reserve it?
Please call our office. If the campsite is available, we will reserve it for you. We will send you via email our Group Reservation Information Packet. This packet includes a detailed description of the Group Tent Campsite, including the amenities on the campsite, policies, including parking arrival/departure procedures and a roster that must be completed by the Group Leader and submitted at check-in. As former Youth Group Leaders, we understand what it takes to organize and supervise a successful group event and just how life-changing they can be for all who participate. You can count on us to work with you throughout your camping experience with us. Check out the Group Camping link on our Home Page for more information.

Questions about MGCP Policies:

Can I bring leftover wood debris from a construction project to burn in the fire pit on my campsite?
No. We do not allow ANY unbagged, outside wood of any kind (split logs, construction debris, pallets, etc.) to be burned on to our land. We have a semi-annual forestry check to determine the health of our trees, including looking for any insect infections that may have the ability to destroy our forest. The best way to ensure that we do not get any insect infestations is to restrict the wood allowed on the campground to certified kiln dried and bug free wood. We purchase bulk kiln dried wood from a local supplier and split it to fit our fire pits. You may purchase BAGGED, certified kiln dried and bug free firewood from your local supermarket or convenience store to burn on our campground. You must show us the bag at check-in as we monitor the source of wood at our campsites. Violators of our firewood policy will be asked to leave immediately without refund of their camping fees.

What is your Pet Policy?
We welcome two well-behaved pets on each campsite. Dogs must be vaccinated, and owners must present proof of vaccination, on request. Dogs must be leashed and under the control of a responsible person at all times. We discourage the use of retractable leashes and instantaneous control of the dog can be difficult. Children given the responsibility of dog care must be responsible and strong enough to control the dog should an emergency occur. Please plan to include your dog in all your recreational activities while you are camping, as they cannot be left unsupervised in RV's, tents or tethered on the campsite. Owners are responsible for cleaning up after their dogs on the campsite and throughout the campground. Please deposit dog waste in the trash dumpster by the Welcome Center to avoid odors in the bathhouses and in other trash containers.

Why do you restrict the use of clotheslines?
It may sound like a silly thing to regulate, right? We have three very distinct reasons for eliminating the use of clotheslines on our campground.
1. We do not allow anything to be posted on or tied to any tree on our property. You will see some "pre-existing conditions" on the campground, (signs, decorations etc.) nailed to the trees. Removing these signs and decorations now would leave a hole in the tree and lead to tree damage or death. Hammock hangers can be used as they are "tree friendly".
2. We do not allow campers to "cut" through each other's campsites, but it does happen. Clotheslines present a hazard for those people as they may not see them and inadvertently be injured.
3. This reason might seem less important on a grand scale, but really important to us. You will hear us say, "This is a campground, not a housing development". There is nothing wrong with housing developments, they are an essential housing option. We believe you camp because you want to be surrounded by nature. We do not want campground views obstructed by clotheslines full of brightly colored towels, bathing suits, dish towels, sleeping bags, blankets and wet socks. What should you do with wet items? If you have an RV, we suggest purchasing a bumper mounted clothesline or get folding clothes drying rack that can be placed in an inconspicuous space on your campsite. We also have clothes dryers in our Laundry Center that can be used right now by appointment, due to COVID.

What is your cancellation policy?
We understand that "things happen" and "plans change" so we have a liberal cancellation policy.
Cancellation Policy: If you need to cancel or reschedule your stay with us and notify us at least two days in advance of your expected arrival, we will gladly reschedule you for another time or hold the amount you paid toward a future visit. This credit may be used throughout the 2022 and 2023 season. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS.

Can I get mail at the campground?
No. Guests may not receive regular mail and cannot use the campground address as their "home" address. Camper mail received here will be returned to sender. Seasonal and Monthly guests may receive packages at the campground. Please notify us if you are expecting a package as it may come to our post office or be delivered directly to our Welcome Center, depending on the carrier. We will either hold the package at the Welcome Center or deliver it to your campsite.

What is your current Visitor Policy?
Who is a Visitor on our campground? Visitors are people who are not registered on a campsite and have come to spend a finite time with friends or family on their campsite. We are welcoming visitors at this time.  The guest will call the office and give the names of the visitors that will be coming to the campground.  When the visitor arrives, they will push the button at the gate, be welcomed in, and stop at the Welcome Center to check-in.

Can I check in early or depart late?  No.  We need the time prior to check-in to inspect & clean the campsites from previous guests as well as prepare check-in paperwork. Also, the narrow hill in the campground does not easily accommodate trailers/campers traveling in both directions so it is important that all RV's leaving the campground have departed before those checking-in make their ascent up the hill.
Questions about Campsite Amenities:

What are the amenities at RV Campsites?
Every RV campsite has water, electric and grey water hook-ups. There is parking for a maximum of two vehicles in addition to the camper. There is a fire ring and picnic table on each campsite. Please be sure to refer to the RV Camping page on this website for additional details. High speed WIFI is available at all the campsites for an additional nominal fee.

Do you have primitive tent campsites?
Yes, our primitive tent campsites are located on our hilltop and by our pond. These campsites do not have water or electrical hook-ups on them. There is water and electric available near these campsites. Each campsite has a fire ring and picnic table. High speed WIFI is available at all the campsites for an additional nominal fee. Please be sure to refer to the Tent Camping page on this website as there are differences in parking and the number of people and tents allowed on these campsites.

What are deluxe tent campsites and where are they located?
These campsites are located throughout the campground as they are former small trailer campsites. They do have water and electrical hook-ups. Up to two vehicles can be parked on the campsite. Each campsite has a fire ring and picnic table. High speed WIFI is available at all the campsites for an additional nominal fee. Please be sure to refer to the Tent Camping page on this website as there are differences in the number of people and tents allowed on these campsites.

Questions about Campground Amenities:

What is the Camper Assistance Number?
Once you have checked in on the campground, you can use the Camper's Assistance Number 413-447-9419 ext 2 - 24/7 to get ANY assistance you need while you are staying with us. You can use this number to report an emergency, order firewood, make a noise complaint, get tourist information and more!

Do you have laundry facilities?
Yes. We have a Laundry Center on the campground. It has two coin operated washers and dryers.  It is sanitized before and after each use for your safety. We have change, laundry soap and fabric softener available in the campground store.

Do you have a security gate?
Yes, we do. His name is Hercules because he does a "herculean job" of helping to maintain the safety and security of our campground. Registered guests are given, free of charge, a gate key that can be used to enter the campground. The gate automatically opens for exiting visitors.

Gate keys must be returned at check-out to avoid a $25 key replacement fee. Gate keys are never to be shared with other guests or visitors. The gate is programmed to allow ONE vehicle in at a time. The campground is not responsible for damage to vehicles if two vehicles decide to try and enter at one time. In addition, campers who break the gate will be held financially responsible for damages. Anyone that has not been issued a gate key, is visiting or has left their gate key at the campsite or in another vehicle, must use the "CALL" button on the gate keypad. The call will be answered by staff who will decide whether or not to open the gate.

What is the difference between grey and black water?
Grey water is "dirty" water that comes from the sink and shower in an RV. Grey water is removed from the RV using a grey water cap and hose. RV owners are prohibited from using sewer hoses to drain grey water. Grey water caps and hoses are available at the campground store. There is a grey water disposal pipe on each RV campsite. Black water is the contaminated water that comes from the toilet in an RV. We do not have sewers on our campground as we are on bedrock of Mount Greylock. We do have a Black Water Disposal Station that can be used free of charge by our overnight guests as they check-out of the campground. Extended stay guests including Weekly, Monthly and Seasonal Guests receive scheduled visits from our campground honey wagon to eliminate their black water. Releasing black water on our land will result in serious environmental damage and has serious consequences including, but not limited to immediate eviction from the campground.
Let us know if you need help with your grey or black water disposal. Handling this water correctly is vital to the protection of our land and your future camping experience with us.

What is Black Water Concierge?
On busy check-out mornings, our staff will meet you at the Black Water Disposal Station to empty your black water tank for you. We will use our sewer hose so you do not have to unpack your sewer hose, gloves or clean out hose. It is quick and easy and virtually eliminates any lines waiting for the Black Water Disposal Station. We do not want your last memory of our campground to be a lengthy wait to empty your tank, hence, Black Water Concierge was born!
You can even call the Camper Assistance # to see if there is a short wait and arrange to come down when the station is vacant!

Do you have WIFI?
Yes, SKYWEB provides high speed, reliable WIFI to all of our campsites. It is provided free to guests around our Welcome and Activity Centers. Guests wishing to have WIFI at their campsites can open their browser at their campsite. SKYWEB will offer the opportunity to sign-up for WIFI on their campsite. The cost is $5 a day, $9 a weekend, $12 for three days, $25 week, $75 for a month. All technical assistance and payment processing is done by SKYWEB.
This WIFI made it possible for so many people to learn and work from our campground during this pandemic and enabled many of our guests to extend their stay with us because they could remain connected to their jobs, schools and families.

What is campersApp?
We belong to a network of campgrounds that offer their guests the opportunity to download and use campersApp for free. We pay for your subscription. Download this App and we can send you push notifications about emergencies on the campground, activity schedules and nearby services and attractions. You can also find other campgrounds that use campersApp at their facilities as we are a part of this network. This App is an integral part of our safety and security plan so we strongly encourage our guests to download it and use it during their stay with us.

Questions about Seasonal Guest Campsites:

Do you have any Seasonal Guest campsites available for the 2022 season?
No. We have 40 Seasonal Guest campsites, and they all are reserved for the 2022 season. We do have a waiting list. Individuals on the waiting list will be contacted on a first-come, first served basis, if we have a cancellation this season. We will also use this list in August when we begin to plan for our 2023 season.

What is the Season?
We welcome our Seasonal Guests on the Friday of Mother's Day Weekend each year. They are welcome to camp with us until the Sunday after Columbus Day Weekend. This year, they move in on May 7th and leave us on October 16, 2022.

What is the average cost and what is included?
The average base price of a Seasonal Guest campsite is $3000. In addition to the base price, Seasonal Guests are responsible for their electric bills and can select from a menu of additional services they would like to receive. Honey wagon visits, bulk firewood and WIFI are available at additional fees.

Questions from First Time Campers:

What should I do to prepare for a really successful camping trip?
Here are just a few suggestions: New RV or tent owners should be familiar with what they are camping in. We are here to help but you need to bring basic equipment and have an understanding of how it works, with you. Frequently forgotten items include tent stakes, guide wires, grey water cap and hose, extension cord, extra length of hose, matches, mallet, screwdriver and dish soap. Check out this extensive camping list from our friends at KOA Be sure to download camperApp, it is free to you because we pay for your subscription. For more information about how we use this app on our campground, see the FAQ about campersApp. If you forget something, we may have it on the campground and can loan it to you or have it for sale in our campground store. In addition, we have a Walmart, BJ's, Dick's Sporting Goods, Dollar General and many large grocery stores in the area. You can get further information about shopping on camperApp or by calling the Camper Assistance Number (413-447-9419 ext. 2) or stopping by the Welcome Center.