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Greetings from Mt. Greylock Campsite Park: Reservation/Coronavirus Update

Did you know that that Massachusetts is No. 2 and that New England states are the top six states in the U.S. for the percentage of the population fully vaccinated? You can feel safer here because so many of us have been vaccinated!

Our family and team members are fully vaccinated.

Face Masks are no longer required in the State of Massachusetts, however for the safety of our guests, visitors, team members and our family, and in accordance with recent CDC recommendations, we kindly ask our guests and visitors who are not fully vaccinated to wear a face covering before entering any of our buildings or interacting with other guests, visitors and our team members.

Guests and visitors who are fully vaccinated may move throughout the campground without wearing a face covering. Any guest or visitor who are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms should not enter our campground.

If you are not vaccinated, please get vaccinated!

Thank you for your understanding.

Stay safe.

Patricia and Gordon Hubbard
Your Hosts