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Greetings from Mt. Greylock Campsite Park: Reservation/Coronavirus Update

 March 9, 2021

As we prepare to open this season on April 23rd, we have decided to follow many of the COVID protocols established last year because they worked. The positive feedback from our guests was overwhelming and we had no reported incidents of possible COVID transmission on the campground. We understand that we may be able to relax some of these protocols as more of us are vaccinated. Until that time, listed below are the COVID protocols we will be using to keep our guests and our family safe.

Here are the details:
* Guests are responsible for monitoring any travel advisories or restrictions related to COVID and Massachusetts. We will be open and ready to provide a safe and enjoyable camping experience for our guests. If you make a reservation with us it means that you have determined that it is legal for you to travel to and stay on our campground. You are responsible for any quarantine requirements. Remember, we are in a more rural part of Massachusetts. We do not have grocery or pharmacy delivery here so if you must quarantine for any portion of your stay, you must bring everything you will need with you to avoid visiting our grocery stores and pharmacies.
* We will leave our gate open during busy check-in times to avoid making our guests push the "call" button.
* We will check our guests into the campground at our outdoor Check-In Station near our Welcome Center. Pens are sanitized between uses and hand sanitizer is available.
* The wearing of face masks will be required when not on your campsite. Any time we travel around the campground, face masks should be worn.
* We will be practicing social distancing on the campground. Please do not gather with people who have not been a part of your "bubble" during the past year.
* In order to reduce the exchange of money, we will continue to encourage the use of the credit card our guests have on file from making their reservation to purchase firewood, ice and campground store merchandise. All purchases made on the campground can be charged to the campsites and paid with the credit card on file. Cash will be accepted.
* Bathhouses are cleaned and sanitized on a regular basis. They are limited to four people at a time to allow for social distancing. All of our restrooms can be family bathrooms if that is more convenient and efficient, given the limit of people that can use the facilities at one time. Families that choose this option should post someone at the door to alert other guests that the restroom is temporarily being used by one family. Sanitizing supplies are provided in both bathhouses for guests who wish to wipe down surfaces before they use them.
* We anticipate opening the pool on July 1, 2021. At that time, we made reinstitute a Pool Sign-Up Sheet and allows families to sign up for exclusive use of one end (shallow/deep end) of the pool for ½ hour daily in order to allow for social distancing in the pool. Groups may sign up for additional times based on the number of campsites they have reserved.
* Firewood will continue to be ordered by phone or at the Welcome Center and be delivered to your campsite.
* The catch and release fishing pond is open. Bring your own equipment and bait.
* The volleyball and basketball courts are open. Bring your own balls.
* We will be hosting our Music in the Field series beginning on Saturday, June 26 through Saturday, September 4. The field is large so social distancing is easy there. Bring your chairs, coolers and snacks to the field and enjoy some great local talent!
* We will resume our Saturday morning Kidz Krafts, campground wagon rides and other special events as the COVID restrictions are relaxed.

* The campground store will be open this year and be limited to four people at a time to allow for social distancing. All the necessary plexiglass protection will be installed, and hand sanitizer will be required to enter and exit the store.
* The Activity Center will open this year. We are doing a construction project in there this Spring and depending on how that project        progresses and when it is finished will determine the date we will open this facility. When we do open it, we will limit it to eight people at a time to allow for social distancing. We may institute an Activity Center Sign-Up Sheet with time slots (much like we use to control the number of unrelated people in the pool) if we find that there is a high demand to be in this space. The remote control for the television and equipment for the games (paddles, balls, pool sticks etc.) will be picked up and returned to the Welcome Center so that they can be sanitized in between uses.

All the best to you and your families!  We hope to see you soon!
Pat and Gordon Hubbard
Your Hosts